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People develop schizophrenic symptoms because of disaster to their self-esteem within their social environment; which include as significant factors ONLY OTHER PEOPLE. The non-scientific imaginings concerning genetic factors only contributes to Big Pharma's bottom-line, while keeping the sufferer debilitated, and the mental-health professionals accomplices to the crime. They DO receive lots of gratitude and finance from the chemically lobotomized and their families, however.**

People SELECTIVELY INATTEND to what is going on in the interpersonal relationships between themselves and these significant others. Becoming aware of the steps which lead to their breakdown is a major factor in reintegration. Thus stated HS Sullivan, who had an 85% success rate with incoherent schizophrenics before the age of psychiatric drugs.

* from personal - as well as professional - perspective

** Dr. Deborah Nadel, the poster-child for the incompetent, became a millionaire while debilitating Britney.

A NOVEL that tells the complete story of one man's journey into, and ultimately out of schizophrenia.

"Back From the Other Side" - Sample Chapter Downloads:

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Britney's Therapy
UNDERSTANDING THE STEPS which take a person from 'Woman-of-the-Year' into someone schizophrenic enough to be strapped to a gurney, one gains RELIEF from those symptoms. A great man called HS Sullivan had also suffered a psychosis as an undergrad at Yale in the early 1900s. His later insights* on this descent into madness took place in the 1940s, but it's as if he's reading many people's mail today. Take a journey of SELF AWARENESS AS AN ANSWER to schizophrenic processes.

The works of HS Sullivan:
"The Interpersonal Theory of Psychiatry," "Schizophrenia as a Human Process," "Clinical Studies in Psychiatry," and more...

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